Additional information on minors may be found in the Academic Guide.  Please check with your faculty advisor before beginning a minor. 

Possible minors for Panama City students include:

Program Office: Tallahassee: 328 Rovetta Business Bldg., 644-3892.
The College of Business offers a minor in General Business for non-business major students on a space available basis only. The minor consists of 18 hours, unless a greater number is required by the major program. For the minor, the student must complete one year of Economics (ECO 2013 and ECO 2023). Additionally, the student must complete 12 hours of business courses selected from the following: ACG 2021, ACG 2071, BUL 3310, FIN3140, FIN 3244, FIN 3403, MAN 3025, MAR 3023, REE 3043 or RMI 3011. At least two of the four business courses must be taken at FSU. Grades below C- will not apply toward the minor. Upon completion of the required courses, students may submit the General Business Minor Certification Request (PDF) to apply for certification of completion of the minor. Email the form to Maketa Austin in the College of Business Undergraduate Office at mdaustin@fsu.edu or call 850-644-3892.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 203 Love, 644-8700.
Students pursuing a minor in Computer Science may choose one of two sets of computer science courses preapproved by the department: the General Track (12 hours) or the Science Track (13 hours). Courses outside of the preapproved tracks must be approved in advance (in writing) by the department. Students must also satisfy stated prerequisites before enrolling in any computer science course. A grade of C- or higher must be earned in each courses counted toward the minor. For more information on the minor, including preapproved courses, see cs.fsu.edu

Program Office: Panama City Campus: 215 Barron Building, 850-770-2178.
The program provides the scientific knowledge needed for a variety of forensic disciplines such as trace, biometric, impression and pattern evidence. Crime Scene Investigation applies a problem-solving approach to investigations and analysis. A minor in Crime Scene Investigation is a great way to enhance your resume when applying for jobs in a forensic lab, medical examiner’s office or any law enforcement career. The minor in Crime Scene Investigation in the College of Applied Studies requires a minimum of 12 hours from required and elective coursework. The courses must come from the list of approved courses available at Panama City Campus. This minor is available to students at both Tallahassee (online) and Panama City campuses.  More information may be found at /Academics/Undergraduate-Programs/Public-Safety-Security/PSS-Minors-Available-in-Public-Safety-Security.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 2301 Stone Building, 850-644-3760.
A minor in education requires 12 credit hours of coursework: EDF 1005 - Introduction to Education (3), EDF 2082 - Schooling and Development in the Third World (3), EDF 2085 - Teaching Diverse Populations (3) and EDF 4210 - Educational Psychology (3). All minor coursework must be completed with a C- or better. THE EDUCATION MINOR DOES NOT LEAD TO A PROFESSIONAL TEACHING CERTIFICATE. Students interested in obtaining a professional teaching certificate should complete a state-approved teacher education program. The College of Education offers 15 state-approved initial certification programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level. For more information please visit http://education.fsu.edu.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 405 Williams, 644-4230
Panama City campus program advisor: Dr. Milinda Jay Stephenson (mjay@fsu.edu)
The minor requires at least 12 hours beyond the Liberal Studies requirement in English courses (prefix AML, ENL, LIT, ENC, CRW, ENG) at the 2000 level and above. Students must have at least a C- average in each course towards the minor. Beginning Fall 2012 at least 6 hours of English coursework must be completed at FSU. ENC2135 and its equivalencies will not count toward the minor. 

Program Office: Tallahassee: Department of Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Information Systems, 325 Rovetta Business Building, 644-7856.
Students interested in starting their own business may be interested in completing this minor in Entrepreneurship. This is a 12 credit-hour program designed to provide exposure to entrepreneurship to a broad group of students. Specifically, it affords the opportunity for students in all majors to learn how to start and build a successful business. Students completing the program will become knowledgeable about how to initiate and manage new ventures, sources of funding, and business planning. Courses include ENT 3003, ENT 3423, ENT 4114 and one course selected from a list of approved ENT electives. There is no approval process; to start, simply register for ENT 3003. For more information, see cob.fsu.edu.

Program Office: Dedman School of Hospitality, 4100 University Center B; 644-4787
The Hospitality Management minor consists of 12 hours, including both HFT1000 (3) Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism and HFT3240 (3) Managing Service Organizations. The remaining two courses (6 hours) must be selected from: HFT2060, HFT2061, HFT2062, HFT2063, HFT2080, HFT2716, HFT2890, HFT 3519, HFT3542, HFT3700, HF 4064, or HFT4930. All courses must be completed at FSU and students must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses used to satisfy the minor. Upon completion of the required courses, students may apply for certification of completion of the minor by emailing Kim Burkes at kburkes@dedman.fsu.edu with the Dedman School of Hospitality. For more information, contact the Dedman School of Hospitality 850/644-4787.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 421A Bellamy, 644-4494.
A minor in History consists of 12 hours beyond the Liberal Studies requirement in history courses numbered above the 2999 level. A grade of C- or higher must be earned in each course counted toward the minor. At least 6 of these hours must be earned at FSU.  Directed individual studies, tutorials, and test credit may not be counted toward the minor.

Program Office: Panama City Campus: 108 Office Building, 850-770-2178
The College of Applied Studies offers a minor in Law Enforcement Intelligence. The minor consists of twelve (12) semester hours; CJE 3732 Criminal Intelligence plus any 9 additional hours (3 courses) within the Law Enforcement Intelligence major. Only coursework with a C minus or better will count toward the minor. This minor is available to students at both Tallahassee (online) and Panama City campuses. More information may be found at Academics/Undergraduate-Programs/Public-Safety-Security/PSS-Minors-Available-in-Public-Safety-Security.

The minor in Law Enforcement Operations in the College of Applied Studies consists of (12) hours and includes CCJ 3024 The Criminal Justice System (3) OR CCJ 2020 Introduction to Criminal Justice and any other 3 courses listed within the law Enforcement Operations major. Law Enforcement Operations looks at the field of policing through an application based curriculum. The minor is designed so that the student takes an introductory course, then selects 3 – major specific courses within the LEO curriculum. The goal of this minor is to allow students from varied degree fields to be exposed to the challenges and techniques of modern policing in the United States. This minor is available to students at both Tallahassee (online) and Panama City campuses.  More information may be found at /Academics/Undergraduate-Programs/Public-Safety-Security/PSS-Minors-Available-in-Public-Safety-Security.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 535 Bellamy, 644-7305.
A minor in political science requires 15 hours of political science with grades of C- or higher. A maximum of 6 hours of PAD and/or PHM prefixes combined is allowed. At least 9 hours must be at the 3000 level or above, and at least 6 of those must be earned at Florida State University.

Program Office: Panama City Campus: The College of Applied Studies, 850-770-2178.
Only coursework with a grade of a C- (C minus) or above in four of the following courses will count toward the minor:  COM 3120 Communication for Organizing (3) COM 4132 Communication and Stress Management* (3) COM 4431 Rhetoric of a Global Corporation* (3) SPC 3231 Contemporary Rhetorical Theory* (3) SPC 3513 Argumentation* (3) SPC 4360 Interviewing (3) SPC 4445 Group Dynamics & Leadership (3) SPC 4620 Strategic Speech Making (3) *Currently an online course.

At least six (6) hours of the Professional Communication minor must be taken within the College of Applied Studies. Courses taken to meet the minor are not applicable to any other requirement. Contact person for the program is Sandra Halvorson (shalvorson@pc.fsu.edu). For the fully online program, contact Stan Lindsay (slindsay@pc.fsu.edu).

Program Office: Tallahassee: A209 PDB, 644-4260.
Twelve (12) hours of psychology, including PSY 2012, are required for a minor in psychology. A minimum of six (6) of the required hours must be completed at FSU. Grades below C- will not be accepted for credit toward the minor. Courses taken S/U cannot count for the minor and courses with a WST prefix cannot count for the minor. Courses taken at another university or community college must be evaluated by the Psychology Department Advising Office. No courses used to satisfy Liberal Studies requirements may also count toward the minor. Thus, if a student has used PSY 2012 to meet Liberal Studies requirements, s/he must take another approved social sciences course to replace it.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 627 Bellamy, 644-3525.
The minor in Public Administration consists of four courses (12 hours) that are passed with a grade of C (not C-) or higher. This minor is not available to Political Science majors. The School of Public Administration and Policy recognizes successful completion of the minor with a certificate.

Program Office:  Panama City Campus: A111-I Holley Academic Center, 850-770-2239.
Compliment your major and career skills with education in leadership, special events, and recreation programming. This minor is available to undergraduate students at both Tallahassee and Panama City campuses. Registration for the minor is required. The minor requires four courses (12 credits) including LEI 3004 Intro. to Recreation, Tourism and Events plus any three of the following courses: LEI 3266 Outdoor Adventure Education, LEI 3312 Intro. to Special Events, LEI 3420 Recreation Activity Leadership, LEI 3435 Recreation Program Design, LEI 3843 Commercial Recreation and Tourism, LEI 4524 Leadership and Supervision in Recreation, Tourism and Events, LEI 4314 (3) Event Operations and Management, or LEI 4864 (3) Technology for Events. All courses require a C- or better grade.

Program Office: Tallahassee: 526 Bellamy, 644-6416 or 644-5470.
The general Sociology minor requires 15 hours in sociology with a grade of C- or better in each course. At least 9 hours in Sociology must be completed at FSU.

Program Office: The College of Applied Studies, 850-770-2178 
This minor in consists of the following courses for a total of twelve (12) hours: CJE 3761 Introduction to Underwater Investigation (3), CJE 3761L Introduction to Underwater Investigation Lab (1), CJE4763 Scientific Underwater Investigation (3), CJE 4763L Scientific Underwater Investigation Lab (1), CJE4764 Underwater Crime Scene Methodology (3), and CJE 4764L Underwater Crime Scene Methodology Lab (1).  More information may be found at /Academics/Undergraduate-Programs/Public-Safety-Security/PSS-Minors-Available-in-Public-Safety-Security.
Since this minor is offered through the College of Applied Studies, it assumes an "applications" focus not present in other existing degree certificates or minors. Courses will be particularly useful in complementing various "professional" degree programs, such as health professions, law, social science, criminology, environmental studies, recreation-tourism-events, engineering and biological science programs. Only coursework with a grade of ‘C’ or above in these courses will count towards the minor. Contact person for the program is Dr. Tom Kelley. (tkelley@pc.fsu.edu).

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